Going forward to new space the extreme of video game future. This one welcomes to the planetshooter.com where every available facet will be here.

Witness virtual challenge depend on extreme controller. Beyond this and into the new facility. Keeping it futile with the reasoning of why.

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Fun to have the planeshooter presents can be enjoyed the anywhere location.

Take victory and the extreme challenge to your beach favourite and the mall. Competitive and the friends are all welcome to the site for the baseline and directive.
To impress with best skill and the game!
The Games
Donkey Kong Deathtrap
This will be is the officially hard platform ever game to be the release. The instigator offend the original and there is no Mario plumber and the result platform and falling object defeat the protagonistic once more and again.

Test player the psychological breakdown and throw keyboard when the extreme and frustration kill the win. Sample comment and no expletives worthy the family filled audience expectations.

"It is the nightmare. I cannot continue past first level and I am best player."

"Nobody can beat. This one can claim my virtue and several times."

"All my base belong to this game going forwards."

We announce you take to the challenge of DKD. This cannot be beaten by one. The death score to remain at zero will not happen in your life time. Someone said the game was hard by too many factor but it is possible to beat. Just not you to do it.

To report the success of attempt or advise the problem encounter and request cheat code for the win please respond to the contact details within the site aperture.
Satan's School of Motoring
The top down of the genre plagiarise for the simple and destructive entertainment value of cars. Pursue the citizen escaping from high performance vehicle and avoid all the while vigilante possess of rocket launcher, other crazed driver and the police who will always be want to stop.

This launch the delay due to beta test within the corporate style. Version is not the public release and some small device may not always be mention in the overview. As with the other sometimes and then.
Coming back more time extra game to soon the site be adding.
To contact and communicate mailbox@planetshooter.com